Roll on December

Published on by Antoinette

Can you believe we are almost in December and that the year is almost done?  Time to start thinking about the end of year celebrations, and getting organised. 


And, like many scrap-addicts out there, December means lots of scrappy goodness, what with gift exchanges, cards to make and events to scap ...  and of course, the ever-popular December Daily!


This year, along with Milie, So. Creative and Rachelgreen, we will showcase our 4 interpretations of this classic end-of-year album.  You can already feast your eyes on Millie's structure (here), and on So.'s album (here).  Today it's my turn to show you my version.  A little sneaky-preview:


DD-2012 5831


All the details are posted here.  It won't be long until rachelgreen posts her version, so be sure to check back later in the week!



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Comment on this post

Ecline 11/26/2012 17:48

Quel magnifique projet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! si j'avais du temps.... je le ferais! Mais comme le temps... c'est de l'argent et que j'ai pas gagné à l'euromillion....

AHAHAHAAH je suis drôle!


Antoinette 11/27/2012 23:49

Aaah, sacrée problème du temps, comme pour nous tous, hein?  J'espère que je trouveras assez pour avancer le journal pendant le mois de Décembre!

Elisa 11/25/2012 21:12

very beautiful album.

Antoinette 11/27/2012 23:49

Thanks you so much for popping by here, and for the lovely compliment!

charlotte 11/25/2012 17:38

trop trop^beau!!!!

Antoinette 11/27/2012 23:48

Oh merci, bichette!

Mamounette 11/25/2012 15:28

belle structure ma Antoinette, j'aime beaucoup

Antoinette 11/27/2012 23:48

et maintenant tu sais ou trouvé des explications en français ;)

So.Creative 11/25/2012 13:51

Il est sublime! ❤

Antoinette 11/27/2012 23:48

T'est trop mignonne!