Oh what fun!

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Like any decent gal, I've been splashing that cash around, and this time it was Johanna's boutique  which tempted me (I have to admit that at 2am my ability to resist temptation is probably at its lowest, haha).


In any case I ended up the poorer by a couple of euros, and the richer with these little gems of resin flowers to display on my desk while they are waiting to be used in some project or other:




Of course those cute cute cute little resin flowers, dahlias and roses, were just to yummylicious to hide away in some cardboard box or plastic drawer, so I scrounged around until I located those cute little wire bird cages to store them in.  Aren't they all just too delicious for words?  It will almost be a shame to use them up when the time comes, eh?

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Comment on this post

So.Creative 07/16/2012 19:19

J'adore!!! C'est trop trop mignon ma copinette^^
Gros bisous!

Antoinette 07/17/2012 18:32

Ah on craque toujours chez Johanna!

Caroline (Kesten) 07/11/2012 10:58

And it actually is a perfect decoration!;)

Antoinette 07/17/2012 18:32

Hehe, I haven't had the heart to actually use them yet, they are right in front of my workspace and I take them out for a play every now and again.  My youngest loves using them as playing
pieces for tic-tac-toe :P

Mimi/sanguine 07/11/2012 08:39

j'attends de voir ce que tu en feras
perso, je ne saurai pas m'en servir lol

Antoinette 07/17/2012 18:33

Pour l'instant tous ces petites fleurs tronent sur mon bureauscrap, que j'apprécie pleinement leur 'look' avant de m'en servir.  Mon p'ti dernier n'arrette pas de m'en piquer des lots pour
jouer au morpion avec!!!

Bisougirl tdm 07/11/2012 08:04

super le craquage !!!!
et les contenants sont trop beaux !
bisouilles !!!!

Antoinette 07/17/2012 18:34

Hihi merci ma copine!!!