Oh happy day - Patchwork layout

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Here's a layout which is a hybrid of several of my pet loves:  The layout is inspired from the Scrap etc. banner, for their Septembre/October competition, it also incorporates lots of paper piecing, which I love, and is finished with my sewing machine (yet another of my interests).  I absolutely love the patchwork effect, and the cheery colourful layout.  I pinched the idea from the current Les Bonnes Idées (Marianne) magazine, where it was suggested as an album cover.  I just adapted it to make it work for a page layout.

Here's the banner, from which I went with the idea of trees and a house, on a naive, colourful background with lots of greenery, and a cloudy-effect background for the sky:

I used a mixture of papers for the layout:  Basic Grey, Rayher, My Mind's Eye, origami paper, and various others from my stash, a stamp (received in a swap) for the title, and lots and lots of sewing.  The trees are cut with my scallopped circle and classic circle Nesties, and then I stitched and stitched with my machine.  I was desperate not to make a mistake with the sewing, as I didn't want to have to start over because of holes in the paper where there shouldn't be.  Thankfully I got through it by going s-l-o-w-l-y, and even m-o-r-e-  s-l-o-w-l-y, taking to bend but not crease or fold the paper when I was running the central pieces through the machine.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I got the last line of sewing in.  I'm just cross with myself for not having stitched the house in zig-zag like the rest of the work, as it looks a little odd in straight backstitch.

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manuela (mamaiwscrap) 10/24/2009 17:40

elle est très belle cette page !!
j'aime beaucoup ces couleurs pastels et la couture !

Antoinette 10/27/2009 00:41

Merci, Manuela!

Annick 10/22/2009 13:44

...et puis maintenant que la MAC est sortie, y a plus qu'à faire les ourlets qui attendent depuis...euh...longtemps!? ;)

Antoinette 10/22/2009 14:19

Chuut!!!  La MAC, malheureusement , etait rangé direct-illico après que ma page à était terminé, (sans jamais voir la
couleur des dites-pantalons et leur ourlets ) ... 'faudra que tu passe un soir, pour me motiver!

Annick 10/22/2009 11:33

Ah moi aussi je l'aime cette page et son effet patchwork! La couture lui beaucoup d'originalité!

Antoinette 10/22/2009 11:42

Ca change, c'est vrai!  Merci