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Such a busy time these days, lots to do, so little time in which to fit everything in.

But there's always time to share a little news, so here goes:


In the beginning there were four individuals,

scattered from the south to the north west of France, 

who went on to become good friends, both virtually and in real life.

Good scrappy friends keen to have some fun and share some happy times,

and addicted as we all are to all things paper and scrap related

the natural progression was the germ of an idea,

an idea of sharing a common blog, a scrappy blog.


Four different people, four different locations,

one common aim: to scrap and have fun.



avatar so 


avatar rachel




Check back later in the week when we will disclose our first common project, one challenge, four interpretations.    It will all be happening on our blog, Nuance 2 Scrap.







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Mamounette 11/13/2012 19:28

Eh bien ça y est bientôt le jour J, Hâte de voir ceux que vous allez nous concocter.

Antoinette 11/14/2012 09:03

Ca y est, c'est le jour J ...

Quelques petite préparations du dernier minute, et hop, il sera operational d'ici très peu :)


So.Creative 11/13/2012 14:05

Youpi! :D

manuela 11/12/2012 14:17

ça donne envie !!!

Antoinette 11/12/2012 14:33


Nath84 11/11/2012 22:52

yaisse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Antoinette 11/12/2012 14:34


Mimi 11/11/2012 22:36

j'ai hate de voir ça!

Antoinette 11/11/2012 22:39

C'est un p'ti blog sans prétension, mais j'éspère qu'on va s'éclater ensemble :)))