My son takes great photographs!

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I have always appreciated the artistic streak witnessed in my children, right from their toddler scribbles and sketches to their more mature drawings and plans.  Both show their talent in different ways.  My eldest girl sketches and draws any chance she gets, her favourite subject being Manga cartoon characters.


My son has a great appreciation of depth and perspective and a fabulous eye for detail.  His interest, however, is and has always been in photos and films.  He has impressed me no end with the stop-motion "movies" he made at around 9/10 years old using his Playmobil characters as cast and toy cars or whatever was to hand as set material.  As he matured he uses his natural sense of perspective to set up photo shoots from unusual angles and to really think about how to capture the shot he imagines in his head.


Last summer he once again impressed me with this deceptively simple photo in which, in my opinion, he has created an amazing atmosphere using very little other than the scene, the well chosen angle of the bicycle and the angle of his shot:




I knew straight away when So. Creative challenged us to scraplift one of Sasha Farina's amazing pages, that this photograph would be perfect for the job.  And here's my humble interpretation:





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So.Creative 11/13/2012 14:04

Ta page est sublimissime et la photo géniale! Bravo au fiston ;)

Antoinette 11/14/2012 09:17

Attends voir les magnifiques photos qu'il à pris au bord de mer dimanche dernier!  Ce qu'il arrive à faire avec son portable, c'est génial!  Il va devenir mon photographe officiel, je
pense, tellement il est plus doué que moi!

manuela 11/12/2012 14:16

je suis fan de sa photo !!!
et ta page est très belle !

Antoinette 11/12/2012 14:33

J'aime beaucoup cette photo, elle donne envie de partir à l'aventure!

et merci pour ma page, mais je n'ai fait que du copiage du modèle :)

milie 11/09/2012 18:58

1 : cette photo est trop belle
2: j'adore ta page, elle est trop trop belle. j'ai envie de la scraplifter.
gros bisous

Antoinette 11/10/2012 02:25

et toi t'est trop sympa!  Merci!

ecline 11/08/2012 12:52

Elle est classe cette page! J'aime beaucoup ce grand titre et la mise en page est juste magnifique!
bravo !

Antoinette 11/10/2012 02:26

oh mais tu me fait rougir!  (mais merci, ça fait plaisir) :)))

charlotte 11/08/2012 10:16

c'est une page magnifique avec une superbe photo

Antoinette 11/10/2012 02:26

Faut que je montre à fiston les compliments sur sa photo, il va être super content!  Merci!