Lots of lovely Twine!!!

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I've been having so much fun admiring and playing with all those gorgeous twines that So. Creative so kindly sent me, that I thought to myself: "What better way to encourage an addiction to these gorgeous pieces of cotton, than to send her some herself to play with?"  No sooner said than done, and a little envelope was rapidly winging it's merry little way to the south of France:


05-2011 0257

05-2011 0258


And I myself received a lovely little envelope from Crissous, with yet another ATC for my addresse book collection:




and another one from Coccinelle:




Thank you so much, girls!!!

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Charlotte 05/17/2011 09:47

c'est trop beau tout ça !!!

So.Creative 05/16/2011 22:40

TRop chouettes ces ATC!
Et encore merci pour les Twines et la pochette, c'est CANON!!!!!!!!!

Antoinette 05/26/2011 10:05

Le plaisir est à moi, bichette!!!  et merci à toi pour les bobines!