How many colours have [YOU} tried?

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... pairs of converses, that is!  This house has seen a procession of various coloured converses over the last few years, and it's not over yet!  Never really out of fashion, these canvas shoes have become a classic over the years, and my own kids have as much fun choosing their colours with the changing seasons as I myself had at their age (oh how old does that 'at their age' thing make me feel *sigh*)!


Anyhow, last summer my own gang and their cousin hung out together for a week or two and the row of converse in the hallway got longer and longer as they changed their footwear to suit their outfit of the day.  I couldn't resist snapping a shot of them all (more-or-less) neatly lined up one morning before everyone got shod.




When Ninie chose this sketch (from Temporelles):




as her link in the permanent sketch chain (Scrap etc), I just knew that it was right for that photo.  Here's my take on it:



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Amy Baldwin 07/17/2012 17:32

I LOVE this layout! So artsy!

Antoinette 07/17/2012 18:31

Hehe I love this page myself, it really speaks 'my teens' to me!  You're so kind to have taken the time to visit my blog and let me know what you think!

Rachel13 11/26/2011 16:41

Oups, je ne l'avais pas vue celle-ci... encore une page de réussie ! J'aime beaucoup le sketch et la taille de la photo, ça change du 10x15

Antoinette 11/26/2011 17:47

Ouais, ça change ... et surtout je devais coupé le reste de ma photo, qui était moche, mais chuuut, c'est notre secret!

Poupoune 11/21/2011 10:47

on se console comme on peu !! lol

Antoinette 11/21/2011 10:57

Haha, véridict!

Poupoune 11/20/2011 22:35

je suis fan de ta page et de cette photo !
top ados !!!

Antoinette 11/21/2011 10:43

A défaut de photographier mes ados (camera-shy comme ils sont devenus), je me contente de photographier leurs affaires, haha ...

Cako 11/18/2011 18:36

Une vraie Céline Dion en puissance dis-donc ? !!! Bravo ta page est trop belle ! Super réussie ! Bisous. Cako

Antoinette 11/21/2011 10:42

Ahahaha, Céline Dion!  Yeah, c'est bien ça!!!

et Merciii! :)