A fruitful day

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...in every sense of the word :)

My day started off just great as, on checking some blogs I follow, I discovered I was the winner on last week's challenge at PaperPlay.  Cool!  It's new there, but as they now have four sponsors the challenge winner gets some goodies supplied by one of the sponsors.  WOW!  I'm thrilled to have won some Bazzill papers and borders!  How exciting!  I think opening my mail in the near future is going to be a lot more fun that receiving bills, bills and more bills

I then decided to go strawberry-picking with my kids.  Hmm, the first place I went to was open, but only to sell, not to let the customers pick.  What a bummer!  I turned around and headed back home, then remembered being told of another place to pick on the other side of my village.  Off I set with one very disappointed and bitterly-complaining seven year old, and his  older brother and sister.  Not knowing the place very well, and the 'Strawberries' sign having been removed, I found it difficult to locate the strawberry farm, but eventually got there ... to find it closed.  Oops, little 7 yo is nearly having hysterics at this stage as he sees his much-anticipated strawberry-fest going down the drain.  However, a little sign tells us that the place is open in the afternoon.

We duly presented ourselves promptly at 14h00, to find ourselves about 30th in the queue to weigh our buckets.  However, there was plenty for all.  I discovered once again, the good side to parenting teens:  While they taste a couple of the fruits a surprisingly large amount actually ends up in their various buckets and containers.  7 yo, of course, is gorging himself on berries, tossing the odd one into my bowl.

At the weigh-in we discover that we have picked 11 kilos of fruit!

Back home I find our redcurrants ripe, and the birds helping themselves to a goodly amount of them, so I got picking there too.

The rest of the day was spent processing those strawberries before they could disintegrate beyone edibility:

Strawberries and cream for the afternoon snack, a strawberry charlotte in the fridge for after lunch tomorrow, a couple of trayloads in the freezer, and 25 pots of delicious jam cooling on the counter, with enough fruit left to make another 10 tomorrow morning.

My knees and back are killing me, but the satisfaction of seeing those jars lined up on the counter makes up for it :)

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