The *best* card ever!

Published on by Antoinette

When you're only seven and you *really* want to tell someone you love them more than life, the universe and everything, there's only one way to do it:  Hearts, hearts, more hearts, pink, gold (what class!), a poem laboriously memorised and recited with love, a shiny bracelet ...

Being on the receiving end of this outpouring of love and affection (it's Mother's Day here tomorrow), life just doesn't get better

(He couldn't wait those last 12 hours before showing off his present to me  awwwwww...)

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Annick 06/07/2009 13:45

Quel talent, et quelles gentilles intentions,a ce petit bonhomme ! Y a plus qu'à confectionner le collier assorti maintenant ;-) !