Newton's Law

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Newton's Third Law:  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Aidan's take on Newton's Law:  For every spoonful of food consumed, an equal and opposite spoonfull will be scattered throughout the nearby neighbourhood.

It certainly deserved a Scrap page, and No, nobody was cross with him.  With a grin like he had, and seeing him enjoying himself so thoroughly, how could anybody scold???

Title cut from the Rollerskate alphabet from Quickcutz, and a sheet of absolutely stunning paper from the local craft store.  I'm afraid I can't give you the manufacturer's name as it's not marked anywhere on the paper.  I can assure it's definitely very touchy-feely paper, with a gorgeous texture and amazing stitching.  There wasn't room or need to add any further embellishments, apart from the photographs!

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Karen 05/13/2009 20:25

Gorgeous: Love the layout of the photos against that paper.