Happy Birthday

Published on by Antoinette

I'm a little late posting, but I became the mother of a teenager during the week.  That sure makes me feel old!!!

Happy birthday, my dearest daughter.


Whilst I am setting out on the adventurous road of mothering a teen, my friend is starting all over again from the very beginning, as she gave birth to her daughter on the same day.  Whilst she struggles with sleepless nights because of night-time feeds, I'll be struggling with sleepless nights of anxieties caused by that monster, teenage-angst  .  Welcome to the world, little sweetheart!

Bloomer from Les Intemporels pour Bébé, ted from a freebie pattern  on the net, baby basket an adaptation from le sac de M@rie, and my own pattern for the bib.

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So.Creative 09/29/2011 10:04

Comme c'est magnifique! Tu as des mains en or copinette!!!!! Bisous!

Antoinette 10/02/2011 12:23

Hihi ça m'a bien amusé d'apprendre, mais il y a du progrès à faire quand même!  Toi aussi, tu t'en ai super bien débrouillé pour ton tote!

Charlotte 04/07/2009 13:36

Oh c'est tout doux, superbe!