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So I've finally decided to plunge into the world of internet blogging!  So many of your blogs have been a source of inspiration to me, that I feel it's only fair to return the favour.

So, a little about ME:

I'm on the right side of 40 (just about ), Irish but living abroad for over 10 years (Ghent, Belgium for 6 years and ever since I've been enjoying the hospitality of the Bretons in northern France.

Between full-time work, my three youngsters, our cat, dog and goldfish, and a DH who is absent 4 days out of 7, my days fly by at an amazing rate.  I'd like to have more time to dedicate to my hobbies, but as it is I guess I'm lucky to be able to squeeze in what little I can.

Being a mere novice my projects take me longer to realise than many of you, but hey, it's not a race, is it?

I enjoy all sorts of papercraft, though Scrapbooking is the most satisfying.  My daughter and I regularly branch into making ATCs, and we both have a penchant for rubber stamping/embossing.  That's all a bit too girly for my sons, who prefer origami and paper folding.  Paper aeroplanes are a great success with them, and of course they get to play with the result

I am getting to grips with my sewing machine and finally managing to turn out some articles which are actually presentable ... I dabble in cross stitch projects from time to time, and have been known to take out my knitting needles on a winter's evening before the television.  (Doesn't that make me sound so oooold???).  Nah, knitting is great, you know from the outset what you are aiming for and it's a great, relaxing pastime for those dreary winter evenings.  I have come a long way from my childhood days when I painstakingly knit a few holey rows in garter stitch using the enormous wooden needles I owned, with my grandmother (an expert knitter) giving me  a helping hand from time to time.

Some photos to come later.  Thanks for popping by!

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Annick 01/30/2009 20:48

Comme tu écris bien anglais, dis donc! ;)

Welcome sur la blogosphère,alors, et zou, dans mes favoris!